Lea Marshes Crossword   
Lea Marshes

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If you can't use the online version simply print, complete and send to LeaMarsh.com, The Hornbeam Centre, Hoe Street, Walthamstow, London E17 9AW

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1 Bridge from Spring Hill to marina (4)
4 Large ornamental beasts seen on Walthamstow Marsh (6)
7 The Lea is not a canal (or even a river) at the marshes but a... (10)
8 Sounds like caused to go by flowery perfume (5)
11 Epoch from reconstructed ear (3)
14 Initially America then Europe, take, hold or deploy (3)
15 If not a hidden mic, Lea Marsh is a great place to see it (3)
7 What pupils of 5 down do (5)
22 Take packs across Lea Marshes (3,7)
23 Embarrass, as leaves in autumn (6)
24 Rule breakers pitch this for overnight stay (4)

2 O coin reformed Greek architectural style (5)
3 Lea Marshes, heaven with less E (5)
4 Ice hockey goal (4)
5 Strange trout gives private lessons! (5)
6 Backwards pool is shape of paths round Lea Marshes (4)
8 Fool rises in spring (3)
9 One of the tides (3)
10 Barges need one of these (or a horse) to move (3)
11 Goes with pie but probably none in the Lea (3)
12 Posh cooker for country kitchens (3)
13 Waste receptacle, more commonly for dogs than humans on Lea Marshes (3)
16 Bachelor, strangely nude with two Yews? (5)
18 Squirt leaves pilot's seat in a hurry (5)
19 Irons unusual plant essence for violin bows (5)
20 Large rodent common on Lea Marsh (4)
21 Kin group with same tartan (4)
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