The LVRPA uses Veolia for waste collection services and pays ~ £2000 a month .

Meanwhile Veolia has succesfuly lobbied to resist protection of the park from the impact of waste management facilities as a natural and heritage asset - I presume they pursue similar interventions in local authority policy development in other areas.

Veolia submits that the addition of LVRP to the list of "Regional and Local Sites and Features of Importance" should not be accepted by the Inspector. The purported justification for the inclusion of the LVRP is stated to be that "it is a locally important recreation area and is made up of a number of regional and local designations" (Suggested Policy Changes, p 13). It is submitted that the fact that there are a number of regional and local designations in the LVRP does not justify its inclusion in the list

As proposed in the Suggested Policy Changes document, Policy 18 would provide for the LVRP to be "conserved". This is inconsistent with the purpose of the LVRP which inlcudes the "development, improvement, preservation and management" as "a place for the occupation of leisure, recreation, sport, games or amusements". By its very nature, the LVRP cannot therefore be treated in the same way as other natural or heritage assets. Accordingly LVRP should not be included in the list of assets in Policy 18. 

Richard Turney
Landmark Chambers
(8 December 2011)
Independent Examination of Hertfordshire Waste Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD

Hearing Session 7: Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD Written submissions on behalf of Veolia Environmental Services (UK) plc

Lea Marshes