Stella Creasy   
Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy's questions

Susan Murray
I wrote to Waltham Forest MP Stella Creasy and I got this reply-

"I've also submitted the following questions to the ODA about this development to try to get clarity both about what has been agreed and what will happen in the future :
1. when was this development first proposed and who did the ODA engage with in considering this development?
2. what process of consultation with local residents has been undertaken and by whom?
3. where any alternative sites considered for the construction or development of this facility e.g. local schools such as Lammas School or Kelmscott
4. why was the development to be temporary and what project planning has been done for its destruction ?
5. who will be responsible for ensuring the marshes are restored after this destruction has taken place and what is the timescale for this?
6. what planning has been done to address access to the site for the use of this facility during the games and to ensure no damage to the surrounding marsh areas? As soon as I get a response I'll share it with you and if you have other questions you would like me to pose to them please let me know - have also had confirmation that the rumour that Kelmscott Leisure Centre would be closed during the olympics is untrue and that the centre will be open as normal during this period so please do let others interested in this issue know this is the case, "

(Wednesday, 11 Apr 2012)
ODA's reply

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