Asbestos on Porter's Field
  Lea Marshes   Basketball project


(May 26)
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: Local campaigners protest and hand out leaflets on Porters Field meadow (Leyton marsh). Part of an on-going campaign against destruction of the meadow, for construction of temporary basketball training courts for the Olympics. The three floor high building now practically complete has caused and continues to cause disruption to those using the field and means that large quantities of earth have been dug up. Since this it has been discovered that the soil contains crysotile asbestos.

Soil and rubble has been left piled up, with only a thin plastic covering for two months and the campaigners say it is still unclear how, or when the soil and rubble will be removed safely. The work also means that the top layer of the meadow (grass) will need to be replaced.

Porters Field meadow is supposed to be returned to its former condition in October 2012, but campaigners are unsure whether this is possible and don't know who will take responsibility for the work. The land belongs to the Lea Valley Regional Parks Authority (LVRPA), but the land is located in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. The body overseeing works for the Olympics is the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA), which ceases to exist as an organisation after the Olympics, therefore practically leaving all the responsibility to the regional authorities and probably the tax payer. Some have expressed concern that the construction may not be removed, as was specified at the start of the process.