Riding Centre   
Lea Marshes   Horses


This strange entrance bristling with CCTV cameras is not the way into a military establishment, but is in fact the door to LVRPA's riding centre. Most leisure facilities have their best periods during holiday times, but evidently not the riding centre which locks its doors, barring the way to one of the few lavatories on Lea Marshes. Is this because the riding centre is not really about serving the public but is run in the interests of a horsey clique?

Lea Marshes is perched between huge Hassidic and Islamic communities, neither of whom celebrate Christmas. Click this link to see some of the businesses open on Christmas Day in Lea Bridge Road.

Despite the notice, the riding centre isn't really closed: the public has just been locked out. Horses need to be fed and watered every day of the year. Plenty of people work there and the additional cost of paying for a receptionist over the Christmas period would be peanuts in comparison to the huge subsidy given to the riding centre.