Polluted Lea   
EU to fine Britain over Lea pollution.
See Deephams Sewage Works. See Lea Testing.
I was out along the banks of the Lee, when there was a moderate amount of rain. It's the best weather to spot problems as all the stormwater drains are in full flow.

It makes your spirits sink to see the pollution bleeding into the river, dumping unknown amounts of poisons.

I've attached one photo of the Lee just south of Markfield Park in Haringey. I've posted video of two sites, the first at the bottom of Watermint Quay in Hackney. This was taken just as it started to rain. All of the white liquid is what was washed off the road surface along Watermint Quay, a mixture of oil, particles etc. Every time it rains this stuff is washed off every surface alongside the river. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZoDoUP0IIA

The second video is taken just next to the Lee where the Eastway crosses the Lee to the east of Hackney Marshes. Again it's easy to see all the muck that's been washed from wherever the drain takes water from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-G4lqbNUiOQ

All rivers take stormwater runoff. If it was only this the Lee had to deal with then it might be able to cope. But of course this is one of many pollution loads it has to bear.

If you see drains pouring out murky liquid can you take a photo and email it to me?

We need to prove exactly what's happening so we can show the damage being caused to rivers in the East End .

Thank you,

Theo Thomas

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