Crazy Paving   

This pile of paving stones and a drain cover have suddenly appeared next to the ice rink. Strangely no mention of this project (whatever it is) was made at the user group.
Lea Marshes

Dear Ms Gibson,


Thank you for your email of 14 March 2011 in which you requested details of any lease or arrangement concerning the use by Lea Valley Park Marina of Horseshoe Island, how much money was paid to the Council during the last financial year for its use and what planning rules apply to the boats moored there.

Your request has been considered and the response is below:

Horseshoe Island in the River Lee at Springfield is owned by Hackney Council but used by Lea Valley Park Marina. Although at some point there may have been some sort of agreement for the use of the island the Council cannot trace any record of a lease or arrangement between the Lea Valley Authority and Hackney Council nor therefore has it any record or knowledge of payments received by the Council for this use.

The island falls outside of the London Borough of Hackney and is in the Borough of Waltham Forest. Any enquiries relating to planning considerations in respect of the moored boats should be addressed to the Planning Authority at Waltham Forest.

NOTE: The marina may belong to Thames Water.