Clancy Docwra site    

Kennet Properties, a wholly owned subsidiary of RWE Thames Water, is reported (in September 2011) to be attempting to strip the Essex Filter Beds 1 site (the Thames Water owned depot currently occupied by Clancy Docwra on the south side of Lea Bridge Road, Clapton), of its designation as Metropolitan Open Land (MOL).

This site was put on the market in 2009 but in 2010 the sale was abandoned on the fairly ludicrous grounds that Thames Water Authority had discovered it didn't need the money.

At the time this web site predicted worse would follow and this is what seems to be happening. Many, perhaps all planning policies involving MOL suggest it should be more or less sacrosanct (development should never be permitted). In particular green chains (and clearly Essex Filter Beds 1 site is part of a very significant green chain since it is more or less surrounded by LVRPA land) are regarded as particularly precious. The one exception that is often made is for minor adjustments. Clearly this site is just far too large to be regarded as a candidate for a "minor adjustment". However with a Government that has even managed to enrage the very starchy National Trust because of its proposals to strip the planning system of most of its meaning, Thames Water clearly believes anything goes now days.

This is English Heritage's rejection (in October 2012) of a plea that the site be listed.
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