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Fair on North Millfields

MILLFIELDS PARK MASTERPLAN 30 PROJECTS 1. Casimir Road Entrance Improvements 2. North Boundary Path 3- The Big Rug 4. Waterfront Pavillion 5. Activated Waterfront A- Middlesex Wharf 6. Lea Bridge Promenade 7. Formal Gardens 8. Community Orchard 9. Activated Waterfront B - Lea Navigation Jetties 10. Activated Waterfront C - Canal Boat Moorings 11. Hub Pavillion 12. Village Green 13. Millfietds Park Lodge 14. Tennis Courts 15. MUGA 16. Hub Square 17. Tree Ring 18. Serpentine Path 19. Long Vista 20. Plantation 21. Vehicle Entrance and Access Route 22. The Black Path 23. Cricket Field 24. Lea Bridge Road - West entrance 25. Natural Play 26. Boundary Improvements 27. Play Area 28. Play Area Toilets 29. Pedestrian and Cycle Crossing Improvements and Traffic Calming 30.Arboricultural Review
 This is the Millfields Masterplan document. To download a larger, easier to read, copy click this link
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