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In January 2012 a document titled "Leyton Open Spaces Investment Programme" Newsletter was published. It appeared to be designed to waste a large amount of public money without actually doing any good at all. It proposes yet more car parking, though the existing car park is never full. Most extraordinarily it is going to prioritse cyclists and pedestrians when at the moment cars have almost no access at all. Does prioritise mean less priority for the cyclists and pedestrians? Equally ludirously the plan is to plant some wildflowers. Wildflowers plant themselves but if you really have to plant them you can buy packets of seeds for a few pennies. This scheme will cost tens of thousands of pounds.This is the text:

This newsletter will update you on progress made in developing the Council's improvements to the Marsh Lane playing fields, and how this work will be taken forward and delivered in 2012.

Summary of improvements

Marsh Lane Playing Fields will be transformed as a result of the planned improvement works. Not only will improved signage and wayfinding, better pedestrian and cycle routes and improved lighting result in the green space becoming much more user friendly, the look and feel of the site will be enhanced through new landscaping and planting.

The three main site entrances will be improved to create a sense of arrival to the site and to improve the sites prominence in the local area. The enhanced entrances will prioritise pedestrians and cyclists, and create separate routes for vehicles where possible. There will also be a new car park to support the pavilion close to the entrance at Seymour Road.

Three distinct character areas are to be created on the site to respond to different uses and distribute activity across the whole of the site. They are summarised as follows:
Orient Way entrance Orient Wayentrance

Sports Field: The new pavilion will be located at the Seymour Road entrance, overlooking the new playing pitches to create a strong relationship between the formal sports area and pavilion. 9 new (junior and mini) football pitches and a new basketball court will be introduced, with improved drainage, foundations and soil treatment.

Play Field: Play spaces will be mown into the existing grassland south of Marsh Lane to create informal play spaces for more casual games or areas to picnic and relax. The existing bank of the upper plateau will be the location for a new adventurous play space for older children and a play facility for 0-7yrs set on earth ripples adjacent to the playing field.

Ecology Field: The upper plateau will be enhanced with wildflower planting to improve the existing habitat and increase the biodiversity of the area. This space will be retained as the more peaceful area of the site with new access points created from Orient Way, and improved visual and physical links between the area and the rest of the site.
Marsh Lane Playing Fields planning approval

The planning application for improvement works to Marsh Lane Playing Fields was approved in November 2011. This means that improvement works can commence, on the proviso that a number of conditions of approval are met. Full details of the planning conditions can be obtained from Waltham Forest Council's Planning Department. To contact the Planning Department please telephone 020 8496 3000 to speak to Caron Sanders.


Improvement works are due to commence w/c 23 January 2012 and will be completed in late August 2012. The sports pitches are expected to be available for use from September 2013 at the latest.
Marsh Lane pavilion
Seymour Road entrance
Marsh Lane pavilion
Marsh Lane entrance
Alternative facilities

The Council wishes to minimise any disruption to local residents resulting from the improvement works as far as possible, and would encourage residents to use the various alternative facilities in the borough. Below are a number of alternative facilities that you can use in the borough, but for a full list please contact the Council's Green Space team on 020 8496 3000.

Playground facilities

Whilst there will be temporary loss of play facilities, which are currently located by the Seymour Road entrance, alternative play facilities will be provided throughout the duration of works. Details of these will be confirmed soon.

Football pitches

Salisbury Hall Playing Fields, Chingford Road, E4

Blades Playing Field, Chingford Road, E4

Low Hall Sports Ground, South Access Road E17 (until July 2012)

Basketball courts

Bisterne Avenue Park, Bisterne Avenue, E17 Higham Hill, Sutton Road, E17
Marsh Lane Masterplan

Next steps

The contractors have agreed to undertake ongoing engagement with local residents, with details to be finalised shortly. Appropriate signage at the site notifying users of the improvement works will be installed upon commencement of the works.

If you have any further questions about these improvement works you can contact:

Waltham Forest Council, 2012 Team

020 8496 3000

The Landscape Group (Contractor)

Customer careline: 0800 917 6263

Many thanks

Waltham Forest Council