Marsh Lane bridge   
Lea Marshes Marsh Lane
A planning notice has gone up on Marsh Lane Bridge, crossing Dagenham Brook. Surveyors working there said the idea is to replace the existing old bridge as well as a newer pedestrian bridge next to it, with a single one capable of taking large lorries. Apparently a planning application was made by LBWF Engineers Department on January 10, 2013. The engineering department case officer is Mumin Yildiz (extension 2639). He told Katy Andrews that the old bridge was too small at 2.8 metres width.

There is no need for this mew bridge since large lorries are already able to get into Marsh Lane at the Orient Way end. What is happening is that Marsh Lane, simply a right of way at present, is becoming a major road.
LBWF is currently supposedly having to make huge cuts and there can be no justification for wasting money on this stupid project. The work done at Marsh Lane in the name of the Olympics (this is yet another Olympics project) has resulted in the total devastation of most of the area since the beginning of November.

According to Mr Yildiz (the engineers officer) several councillors are interested in the plan but these apparently do not include one of the ward councillors (Liberal Bob Sullivan) who says he knows nothing about it (7/Feb/2013).

The Case Officer at planning dealing with this is John Harrison, who only works part time Wednesdays to Thursdays. Planning is apparently not aware of Kinnear Landscape Architects - who carried out the consultation into improving the fields during 2010/11 - being involved in the application.
LBWF says the notice went up on February 1 (2013) meaning that the deadline for consultation (your comments, if you want to make them) is 21 days later (February 21, or possibly February 22).

Dagenham Brook (8/Feb/2013)

Road bridge (8/Feb/2013)

Pedestrian bridge (8/Feb/2013)