Level Crossing   

The best way to get access to the Lea Marshes from Walthamstow is to use the level crossing at the end of Coppermill Lane. You didn't know there is one? Well there is. It has been closed temporarily for about 20 or 30 years. It was not closed permanently because that would have required a public inquiry and the railway might have lost that. A temporary closure requires no inquiry.

The reason for the closure was that people had attempted to commit suicide here. There is no evidence to suggest there have been fewer suicides since the level crossing was closed. What's probably happened is that people have opted to jump under tube trains instead of using the railway system. (19/Dec/2009)

While the level crossing is shut temporarily, people have to use the Cattle Creep.

Railway 1, tubes 0.

These signs don't seem to refer to the cattle creep. Could they mean the level crossing?
Lea Marshes