Lea Bridge Road Bridge   
Lea Marshes
Lea Bridge Road is one of the few to run east/ west across the marshes. The other two crossing roads are Forest Road/ Ferry Lane and the Eastway. This probably reduces traffic flows in central London almost as much as the Congestion Charge and makes it almost impossible to develop land for housing in the Lea Marsh area, since Lea Bridge Road is heavily congested much of the day and any new housing would make matters even worse. This does not stop profit hungry speculators from trying. The Northern Olympic Fringe Masterplan Consultation Draft Report July 2010 proposes the addition of a huge number of extra dwellings, coming up with the preposterous argument that it might speed up the re-opening of the old Lea Bridge station . Even if it does, this is going to have almost no beneficial affect on Lea Bridge Road since it is gridlocked almost every day. The situation is simply too bad. The Essex Wharf planning application proposes building 144 flats on an area scarcely big enough for a football pitch. The Clancy Docwra site (several times bigger than Essex Wharf) is up for sale and advertised as an area with "development potential". (12/Jan/2010).

Education is also a problem. There is already a shortage of primary school places in Waltham Forest and the capital is not available to build new classrooms. Building enormous numbers of new dwellings will make matters worse.