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Lea closed

This closure (over the weekend of June 15/16) is very mysterious. How do you close a stretch of water? Why were the boats allowed to stay on the closed stretch? How can a film of oil on the top of the navigation damage a boat? What is the difference between a closed and open river? How does a charity, the Canal and River Trust , have the power to close a stretch of water? What powers do they use?(19/June/2013)


Waltham Forest Guardian

Oil spill closes River Lee over weekend

3:12pm Wednesday 19th June 2013 in Waltham Forest Photograph
By Zachary Norman, Reporter

The River Lee was closed to all shipping over the weekend after oil was found to be spilling into the river from Pymmes Brooke , near Marksfield Park, Tottenham.

The Environment Agency alerted the Canal and River Trust, who are responsible for the waterway, to oil spilling into the River Lee Navigation which forced its closure from Lea Bridge Road to Tottenham Locks.

A Canal and River Trust spokeswoman said they closed the waterway to prevent the spread of oil in the river.

Teams were sent out with spill kits and were able to clean the oil up enough to reopen the waterway on Monday.

The spokeswoman said some clumps of oil remain in the water, mostly around weeds.

Crews walked the length of the river that was affected by the spill to determine whether it was safe to reopen it.

It is not known what caused the oil spill.

The Canal and River Trust is responsible for the River Lee but it is not responsible for the tributaries which feed the river.
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