Ice Rink   

The ice rink is a weird structure that has been planted on the marsh, a sort of alien brutalism. Presumably in order to make visitors feel comfortable, it is bristling with CCTV like a military presence in a hostile landscape.


Although LVRPA said the building was about to be demolished and replaced with two new ice rinks, in 2012 while the biggest damp squib in sporting history was creating mayhem nearby, a collection of juggernaut sized metal boxes started to be parked around it. Then in October 2012 a strange assortment of what looked like silos or tanks sprang up next to it. The tanks disappeared towards the end of November 2012.
Replacing the ice rink?
See ice rink losses
Lea Marshes

The best view of the ice rink is screened by trees so that it is hardly visible. However, it also makes a ghastly noise so even when it can't be seen it is an unwelcome presence.