2013 planning application for more stables   
Lea Marshes
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  LVRPA seems to have a mission to annoy and distress as many of its users and the people who pay for it, as it can, by giving public resources to a narrow clique of wealthy horse owners.

It has made its fourth planning application to expand horse use (probably for considerably less than 500 users) since 2008, proposing to build a further 13 livery stables, application number 2013/0410). This time LVRPA does not even attempt to use the fig leaf that the idea is to offer horse riding lessons to the community. Only those with the considerable wealth necessary to be able to afford the many thousands of pounds it costs each year for livery (basically bed and breakfast for a horse) will benefit. See economics of the riding centre.

Reinforcing the image of an authority that has lost all sense of reason, significant questions about the extraordinary way the planning application is being pursued have been asked.

The latest application (dated April 11, 2013) is number 2013/0410.
13 stables 2013
The 13 stables are at the top of the above map, just below the U shaped development (which got planning permission in 2009 ). A quick look at the August 2009 plan and it is clear that the 2013 extension is just the second phase in a three phase building plan. The third phase will complete the oblong.

The following is a link to LBWF's planning web site for those who'd like to see the application

In August 2009 LVRPA got planning permission to build a U-shaped block of 19 stables and two tack rooms, overall 32.5 metres x 27.9 metres, with a height to the roof ridge of 2.75 metres; the stable buildings and canopies cover seven metres depth and the central area and southern edge remain open. A second element of the same planning application, yet to be progressed, comprises two spectator-viewing galleries alongside each other, each being 25 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 3.9 metres high. Each has a capacity for 88 people. The stables have been built, but the viewing gallery has yet to be constructed.

In 2008 LVRPA got planning permission to build a horse walker .