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Rainbow over the golf course. (26/Oct/2011)

It wasn't a great golf course but it was the only one for many miles. But thanks to LBWF's planning committee (2/July/2013) it no longer exists. The golf course came under renewed threat in April 2013 when LVRPA submitted planning (application 2013/0505). This was designed to allow LVRPA to turn it into a camp site, blocking access by the general public (you and me). Once again it seems that the Olympics legacy is wholly negative.

During the Olympics, the golf course became a camp site but we were assured it would be reinstated when the five ringed circus disappeared. What actually happened was that LVRPA put a very large, and much more damaging, show on the golf course. which is Metropolitan Open Land .

LVRPA says that there is another golf course eight miles away. So that's alright then!

From: "Page, Martin"
Subject: FW: Filter Beds & Walthamstow Marshes User Forum Meeting
Date: 18 May 2012 15:33:54 GMT+01:00
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Hi Jonathan,

Gavin has forwarded your query so hopefully I can provide some clarity for you.

My comments at the last user forum were correct and at that point the Authority were considering what possible options were available for the site after removal of the camping offer which will temporarily be there during the Olympics. Since then the decision has been made to reinstate the golf course as the best option available for the site at this time.

In short Cllr Buitekant is correct and the golf course will definitely be reinstated after the Olympics - hope that makes sense?

Kind regards,
Martin Page
Green Space Manager - Parklands & Venues
Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

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