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This Google Earth picture gives a good idea of exactly how vast the Clancy Docwra site is. To put it into context the white building at the top is the huge ice rink.

Slightly bigger than the ice rink is Essex Wharf a strip of land between the Lea and the ice rink car park. A planning application has been submitted to build 144 residential units on this site. It is only a small fraction of the size of the Clancy Docwra site.

Click to see larger picture of Clancy Docwra site.

The site was put on the market in 2009 but then withdrawn (see LATEST NEWS IN 2010)

In 2011 it appeared Thames Water was trying to get the site de-designated as Metropolitan Open Land in order to cover it with development.

In 2012 English Heritage rejected an application for listing.
Lea Marshes