For sale   
In 2010 it was widely believed that Thames Water Authority, owner of this land, had put the sale on hold because it had discovered it doesn't need the money after all. Whilst this was extremely good news, long experience suggested that if one ghastly possibility is averted, another even worse soon appears on the horizon. Extreme vigilance is vital.

In 2011 it appeared Thames Water was trying to get the site de-designated as Metropolitan Open Land in order to cover it with development.
In 2012 efforts were made by the Lea Valley Federation to get the old Lea Bridge Waterworks buidings listed. This plea was rejected by English Heritage.

This is a huge piece of land on the south side of Lea Bridge Road, (opposite the ice rink) evidently formerly part of the Waterworks.

See map.

Apparently the lease on this premises is currently owned by Clancy Docwra who have been carrying out the restoration of the London water mains. This company has upset at least someone in Waltham Forest. Clancy Docwra's lease is expected to run out in about 2012 and the suspicion is that a developer will buy the freehold so that the possibility of a huge development on the site could be explored (by negotiations with the planning authorities). This development would be the most significant encroachment onto the marshes since the Lea Valley Park was set up. Apart from anything else Lea Bridge Road is completely unable to accommodate any more traffic than there is now and it would undoubtedly lead to more pressure to build yet more roads on the marshes. The estate agents are King Sturge and Grant Mills Wood.

Education is also a problem. There is already a shortage of primary school places in Waltham Forest and the capital is not available to build new classrooms. Building enormous numbers of new dwellings will make matters worse.

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