Dredging Lea Navigation   

There is a sign on the road bridge across the Lea, (Lea Bridge Road). This is what it says:

Improving Water quality on the River Lee Navigation

Water quality on the River Lee Navigation has been an issue of concern for many years, affecting boaters, local residents, wildlife and other waterway users.

These dredging works are funded by the Environment Agency and are the first step in a major clean-up programme.

The dredging of the polluted sediment will gradually help improve the water quality of the river, which in turn will encourage wildlife to return to the area, enable boats to travel more easily along the river and improve the appearance and even the odour of the water.

British Waterways will be managing the dredging programme, and is currently talking to hundreds of users and neighbours of the River Lee Navigation to ensure that people are made aware of the planned works.

If you need any further information about the dredging programme please call British Waterways London T: 020 7985 7200.

If you would like to report any dumping of rubbish or illegal fly-tipping along the River Lee Navigation please call the Environment Agency T:0800 80 70 60.

The sign does make you wonder exactly what is polluting the sediment (and why it would be better off in the Thames than in the Lea) but maybe it's better not to ask! Dredging of the Navigation took place in summer 2009. It was quite exciting, since a disaster always seemed to be just around the corner. Maybe it is going to resume in summer 2010? (7/Jan/2010)
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