It's Gone!
Basketball Court   
LVRPA attempts to re-write history with ecological survey of Porters Field
(Dec 14, 2013)
LBWF attempts to justify agreeing that the soil condition has been met
(Feb 15, 2013)
Sandy Path repair (Dec 18, 2012)
Tanks installed to water turf (Oct 20, 2012)
BBC reports on ODA's failure to deliver promises (Oct 18, 2012)
Soil surveys for Porters Field (Oct 2, 2012)
Marshroots, event to celebrate reclaiming the marsh (Oct 21)
Reinstatement (Sept 27)
ODA de-mob happy as it admits treating LBWF as a rubber stamp (September 26)
Karl Weiss's photos of Porters Field (Sept 14, 2012)
LBWF Planning Committee approves reinstatement plan for Porters Field (Sept 12, 2012)
Small errors in ODA reinstatement plan for Porters Field (Aug 17, 2012)
Planning application about reinstatement of Porters Field (Aug 13, 2012)
Guffaw benefit gig at Rose & Crown (July 31, 2012)
Response to ODA reinstatement plan (June 30)
ODA's Leyton Marsh Reinstatement Report (June 25)
Sandy Path Mud Bath (June 13)
   Download HSE guidance on removing asbestos
   (published April 2012 but added to this site June 13)
Hackney cllr's protests about plan to extend working hours (June 7)
ODA can not apply for planning permission to extend working hours (June 6)
Getting rid of the contaminated soil (June 6)
Our Case Save Leyton Marsh video (May 26)
White suit demo (May 26)    Download the petition
Images from the front line (May 25)
Soil is hazardous waste! (May 25)
Chemical fears (May 19)
Private Eye Rotten Boroughs (May 15)
Ecological Survey (May 15)
ODA answers questions (May 8)
Danger photography (May 5)
Limited impact on SSSI (April 27)
Greens visit (April 27)
LBWF's case (April 27)
ASBO (April 25)
ODA Soil tests (April 20)
ODA's reply (April 20)
The injunction (April 18)
Stella's questions (April 11)
Developers breaking planning conditions (April 6)
High Court statement (April 5)
LVRPA goes to High Court (April 4)
ODA may have no right to planning permission (Mar 27)
Councillors protest (Mar 26)
Boules on Sandy Path (Mar 24)
Asbestos (March 16)
Unexploded Bomb (Mar 14)
It gets worse -new planning application (Mar 12)
Demo March 10, 2012.     
Video of vehicles chewing up Porter's Field (Mar 7)
Digger arrives (Mar 5)     
Work starts (Mar 3)     
Pictures of LBWF Planning Committee (Feb 7).
LBWF's planning committee (Feb 7) A link to the documentation..
Download a copy of the LBWF planning report
Hackney mayor's promise (Feb 2)
How to object (Jan 28)
Powerful NLLDC protest (Jan 26)
Original sign (Dec 19)
Legal agreementsThe plan     
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Much of Porters Field is being denied to the public for several months of 2012. This sign first seen in December 2011 reveals LVRPA thinking. In January 2011 three men with a laser theodolite were seen surveying Porters Field, getting remarkably close to the Black Poplars.
LBWF planning committee gave planning permission on February 7, 2012. As is usual at LBWF for schemes of this type, no proper visuals have been produced.

See Oympisstake video web site.
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