Avroe on Marsh   
  Lea Marshes   Black Poplars

  The picture below was taken on Walthamstow Marsh in about 1909. It shows A V Roe and his triplane. In the background there is a row of trees, apparently at about the same location as a fence or some kind of boundary. Could this be the boundary between Walthamstow and Leyton, making the trees the Black Poplars? If so the Black Poplars look very strange, they seem to have been pollarded in a most remarkable way. Interestingly, the animals grazing (see excerpt left) appear to be sheep (though Roe himself said there were goats on the marshes). This conflicts with LVRPA's keeping of cattle on the marshes to support the SSSI, since cattle graze in an entirely different way to sheep/goats. Click this link to see more about Black Poplars.