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White suit demo on Porter's Field   

The demonstrators were dressed in white suits and wearing pollution masks, hot on the heels of Stella Creasey MP's letter to Save Leyton Marsh supporters following the Environment Agency letter to her of 25th May about the disposal of the contaminated rubble.

"We already know that the ODA's contractors Nussli were told of the asbestos contamination on 18th April," said a spokesman for Save Leyton Marsh, the protest organisers.

"We have bombarded every responsible agency, every interested party ever since then. We appear to be making some impact!"

Download the petition or go to online version

(May 26, 2012)

See asbestos on Porters Field scientific analysis and the Environment Agency's statement that the waste soil pile will need to be treated as hazardous waste due to the trace contamination of asbestos.