Sir Patrick Abercrombie   

Sir Patrick Abercrombie 1879-1957.

Laurie Elks has written a presentation about the history of the Lea Valley Park. It can be downloaded using this link. In it he points out that Professor Abercrombie's Greater London Plan (1944/5) laid the background for the creation of the Lea Valley Park. Professor Abercrombie said: "A series of great reservoirs threads up the valley, extending from Walthamstow to Enfield and though man made they are acquiring a charm of their own as trees grow round them and on their little islands - they are becoming nature reserves for large numbers of birds and the resort of privileged fisherman. These areas are a great open-air lung to the crowded East End - their preservation is essential...Every piece of open land should be welded into a great regional reservation -
no open land, whatever its present use - should be built on."

Lea Marshes