ODA is de-mob happy   
Olympic bosses "jumped gun"

Taken from a report by by Emma Bartholomew, Hackney Gazette Senior Reporter dated Wednesday, September 26, 2012. To see original report hit this link.

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) which brought us the most disastrous event in sporting history (see Olympics legacy) is clearly de-mob happy, since it is about to be wound up.

Responsible for bankrupting businesses across London as tourists stayed away from London and locals fled the capital during the Olympics, ODA appears to be prepared to say almost anything.

When it got caught jumping the gun by treating Waltham Forest planning committee as if it was irrelevant, did it stall? Did it come up with a fancy excuse? No it just said "oops, we got caught!"

What happened was ODA started to bring in soil to fill in the hole that was going to be left when the practice basketball courts were demolished, even before LBWF had decided what kind of soil was to be used.

"Fill was brought to site by our contractors in anticipation of a positive decision, allowing them to commence work in a timely fashion given the tight timescales for handing the land back to the Lee Valley Regional Park Authority on October 15," an ODA spokesman told the Hackney Gazette.

"We can confirm that no fill was used ahead of the planning committee meeting."
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