Katy Andrews   
History of the Basketball Court plan
None of the documentation, the legal agreement, the planning application mentions the size of the Basketball scheme. It is as if how big it was is not anyone's concern. This is a common feature of planning applications submitted by LVRPA and by LBWF itself to the Waltham Forest planning committee. Just how LBWF says it consults when it doesn't actually say how big the scheme is, remains a mystery.

But this rather well thought out calculation seems to be able to fill the information gap, even if it is many months after the planning application was approved. Apparently the main area is 124m x 109m and there are two extensions of 21m x 7m. That means the total area is 1.38 hectares ( or about 3.4 acres).
The LVRPA offered the Porter's Field Meadow site to the ODA in 2009 (presumably after the Met Police decided against shortlisting it as a candidate for their Games-time holding and mustering station - in case their horses fell into the Lea Navigation, apparently!).
The ODA turned the offer down, and said it was not a suitable site for the venue they wanted. Presumably the ODA were still then looking at the Score Centre, which has two Olympic-sized wheelchair basketball courts (as does the Kelmscott Centre), but the Americans seem to have gazumped them during summer 2010. .
Five sites were offered by the LVRPA in 2009. None seem to have been offered by or discussed with LBWF; a question to Keith Hanshaw about this might be interesting - I am sure there would have been little protest about the use of the Ive Farm sports grounds (which are probably MOL but are not former Lammas Lands nor in the Regional Park) for a temporary venue - there would have been no overshadowing or overlooking of the nearby flats, which are on a considerably raised platform above the flood-plain - and I doubt many people would have minded a temporary use for a few weeks of part of Porter's Field meadow as a low-impact campsite with minimal facilities. Whatever - it remains a mystery.
Heads of Agreement were signed between the ODA and LVRPA for use of the site in December 2010. In January 2011 the site was surveyed
Letters from Arup (the Agent for the planning application 2011/1560) later stated that either - depending on which date you look at - 10, 12, 14 or 16 venues were looked at during the summer of 2011. This is obviously untrue, as the agreement had been agreed in December 2010 and the licence deed was signed in July 2011. On 7th July 2011 the ODA signed a full Licence agreement with the LVRPA and in November the dates the agreement covered were amended.

At about the same time the ODA and LOCOG made an agreement as to the future use of the site,. This document was only disclosed at the High Court injunction hearing against Persons Unknown on Weds 4th April 2012. This stated that the LVRPA saw the eventual end-use of the site as being a "major events venue" in the future.
My main query really is: Why did the letter written to Dr. Creasy MP from the ODA come from their Director of Finance?

I do not see that Dr. Creasy's enquiries dealt with matters of a financial or pecuniary nature at all.


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