Lea Marshes

From: "Tierney-Jones, Kirsty "
Date: 15 September 2011 13:17:54 GMT+01:00
To: "'j@brind.tv' "
Cc: "Dawson, Shaun " , "Honey, Claire "
Subject: Authority Byelaws Response

Dear Mr Brind,

I write in reference to your recent email re the Authority's byelaw notice.

Thank you for raising this issue with the Authority and for taking the time to write in. The notice to which you refer was, as you noted, incorrect in that the fee payable for copies was stated as £10 when it should have been £5, this was something we too noticed almost immediately and we have been investigating and working ever since to correct. As it transpires this mistake was an unfortunate administrative error for which the Authority can only apologise and seek to make right.

The notice is to be republished giving the correct fee amount and then a further month's consultation period will be given, furthermore I'm sure you'll be pleased to note that no person requesting a copy of the byelaws was in fact charged £10. A copy of the byelaws has been (and will continue to be for the additional month) available for inspection free of charge at the Authority's head office and in addition to this a copy will this week be made available on the Authority's website (again free of charge). Therefore we are hopeful that this additional method of access together with the extended consultation period will ensure as that all those interested constituents are able to review and, should they wish to, comment on the byelaws as part of this process.

Kind regards

For and on Behalf of Shaun Dawson

Kirsty Tierney-Jones - Interim Corporate PA
Direct Line 01992 709856

Lee Valley Regional Park Authority
Myddelton House, Bulls Cross, Enfield Middx EN2 9HG
Tel: 01992 717711 Fax: 01992 788623
This is the seal on the bottom of the only version of the LVRPA byelaws leamarsh.com could find. It is dated September 13, 2011, prior to LVRPA sending out the above email. This title of the document suggests it is a consultation, but there is nothing about the actual document that makes it look consultative.