2.A.1Springhill and Springfield Park
2.A.2Springfield Marina
2.A.3Low Hall and St James' Park
2.A.4Walthamstow Marsh and Coppermill Fields
2.A.5North and South Millfields
2.A.6Lea Bridge Road area 2.A.6.1 Thames Water Depot
2.A.7Hackney Marsh
2.R.1Coppermill Lane
2.R.2Lea Bridge Road
2.R.3Homerton Road and Ruckholt Road
2.R.4Lee Valley Pathway
2.R.5Black Path
Lee Valley Regional Park Park Development Framework
Ruckholt Road to Coppermill Lane Consolidated Proposals Site Areas To be read in conjunction with the Lee Valley Regional Park Development Framework Thematic Proposals maps 1:12,500 at A3 Lee Valley Regional Park Authority Myddelton House, Bulls Cross, Enfield, Tel. 01992 717 711 | Fax. 01992 788 623