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Developer shows white flag but MoD still gung ho

Land Securities, the developer who had the extraordinary idea of building 5,000 houses on the largest SSSI ever given planning permission, has abandoned its attempt to evict the nightingales.
A news item on the BBC web site says Land Securities' annual report revealed the company is writing off £11.3m it had invested in drawing up the amazing scheme, blaming the public inquiry to be held as a major reason for the decision to back out. "We have recognised a loss of £11.3m due to increased uncertainty over the recoverability of our costs to date following the disappointing decision by the Secretary of State to call in the proposed scheme for public inquiry," the annual report says.
The BBC quotes the MoD as saying it is looking for another developer.
Source: BBC web site http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-34225450