Lodge Hill &  ARCHIVE

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The People Ponds and Water Project of Freshwater Habitats Trust is aiming to survey ponds in Lodge Hill. Surveys of the Great Crested Newt, a highly protected species, were promised in the planning report that went to Medway Council when the development got planning permission (see this link ). The Freshwater Habitats Trust (www.freshwaterhabitats.org.uk ) is testing an amazing new technique called environmental DNA. The idea is to make it much cheaper and simpler to carry out environmental surveys since all that needs to be done is send a water sample to a lab who can tell if there are any Crested Newts in the area. Unfortunately, Lodge Hill is one of the control areas, in other words the survey will be done in the traditional difficult manner, involving highly trained and licensed operators. The eDNA surveys are being carried out this year. The traditional control surveys in 2017.
The PondNet survey area of Lodge Hill and Chattenden.