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In this video officers frequently quote page numbers from a reports pack. To read this pack click this link.
This is Village Voices TV's recording of Medway Council's special planning committee meeting held on Thursday 4th September 2014, to determine the application for a new town at Lodge Hill.

15 members of the planning committee were at the meeting: Cllr Ted Baker (Conservative, Rochester West), Cllr Nick Bowler (Labour, Rochester East), Cllr David Carr (Conservative, Rainham North), Cllr Diane Chambers (Conservative, Hempstead & Wigmore. Chairman of the Planning Committee), Cllr Paul Godwin (Labour, Chatham Central), Cllr Christine Godwin (Labour, Luton & Wayfield), Cllr Glyn Griffiths (Labour, Twydall), Cllr Adrian Gulvin (Conservative, Walderslade), Cllr Pat Gulvin (Conservative, Princes Park), Cllr Stephen Hubbard (Labour, Strood North), Cllr Barry Kemp (Conservative, Rainham Central), Cllr Wendy Purdy (Conservative, Watling), Cllr David Royle (Conservative, Rainham South), Cllr Diana Smith (Liberal Democrat, Watling) and Cllr Les Wicks (Conservative, Rainham South).

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