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MoD to sell Lodge Hill near Chattenden
The Ministry of Defence is selling off a former barracks which had been the subject of controversial plans for 5,000 homes. . ( Jan 19 2016)
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Land Securities runs up white flag
Developer abandons scheme to build 5,000 houses blaming public inquiry, but MoD remains gung-ho. (11/Sept/2015)
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Government calls in Lodge Hill & Chattenden planning application
The Government has agreed to call in the Lodge Hill & Chattenden planning application. This means there will be a public inquiry. (13 February 2015)
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UKIP MP reveals secret manoeuvres
UKIP MP Mark Reckless reveals that the Government has been in talks with Medway Council in an attempt to find a way to deal with the objections to the Government's planning application for the Chattenden and Lodge Hill SSSI. He renews his call for the planning application to go to inquiry (Video published 19/Dec/2014)
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UKIP calls 'foul' saying there's a stitch up
An extraordinary leaflet published by UKIP alleges Medway Council's deputy planning chair tore up the rule book by prejudging the planning application for the Chattenden and Lodge Hill SSSI. It also claims the government flouted rules by promising it would not 'call in' the application even before the planning committee met and prior to the lodging of any of the objections, when it was impossible to know what those objections might be. (13/Oct/2014)
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Cllr Chris Irvine quits Tories
He says he is leaving the party because of his opposition to the 5,000 home Lodge Hill housing development at Hoo Peninsula. (30/Sept/2014)
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Pickles passes hot potato
Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles has ruled himself out when it comes to making the decision about Medway Council's planning permission for the Lodge Hill & Chattenden SSSI. (28/Sept/2014)
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