Lodge Hill &  ARCHIVE

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Great Crested Newt Survey (in 2017)
The People Ponds and Water Project of Freshwater Habitats Trust is aiming to survey ponds in Lodge Hill.
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Nightingale map (2014)
Location of some of the 86 nightingale territories during 2014.
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Nightingale song (24/May/2015)
Nightingale song recorded at Lodge Hill.
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SSSI description (1/Oct/2014)
Map and description of the SSSI.
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Natural England (19/Nov/2013)
Lodge Hill joins the adjoining SSSI to become the only SSSI with a significant nightingale population.
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Medway Planning Committee (4/Sept/2014)
A recording by Village Voices TV, of the Medway Council planning committee that decided to flout normal planning standards by giving permission for the development of the Lodge Hill & Chattenden SSSI as a housing estate.
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See also report pack for this meeting